No One Should Go Without a Landline Phone

No One Should Go Without a Landline Phone

Four Services That You Can Tie Into Your Business Phone System And Improve Workflow

Carl Collins

Business phone systems today do a lot more than just allow you to take incoming calls; customer service, CRM software and business applications can also be tied into these systems. They can also help you to make your office mobile with services like MVoIP, which is a mobile Voice over IP service that can reduce cellular costs for businesses. These are also services that modern businesses will want to have to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Here are four services that you can add to your business phone systems to improve workflow and reduce costs:

1. Customer Service Through Multiple Communication Mediums

It is important to for any business to have good customer service. This can be difficult for small businesses with few resources. You can tie your phone system into things like online chat and messaging services, which will give you more communication mediums to be able to provide customer service. There are also answering services, call forwarding and text to speech services that can be added to help you provide customers with better service and support.

2. CRM Services To Manage Customer Relations And Leads

CRM or Customer Relations Management software can help you to manage customers, follow leads and make reports. It is something that can also be tied into your phone systems in several ways. You can program automated messages, get alerts and log related calls.

This can help you to efficiently manage your customer relations and have everything tied to your phone system to not miss anything. It can also allow you to make call reports can export data from your phone system for analyzing and reporting.

3. Mobile VoIP Services To Have Mobile Access To Phone Systems

Mobile VoIP is something that is newer for small business phone systems, but a very effective way of reducing cellular costs and improving communications. For sales-based businesses, mobile VoIP is essential for making the office mobile and giving sales teams access to the same tools they have in the office. These services will save time, improve productivity and reduce costs for the sales in your business.

4. Business Applications, Messaging And Internal Communications Systems

Business applications can also be integrated into your business phone systems. You can have things like business messaging, social networks and other services tied to your phone systems to make it easier to import and export the data that you need.

It can help you to create a more centralized communications system for your business. For example, if you need information about a video conference through an internal network, it can be exported in many formats to your phone system to make access easier.

These are some of the services that you can add to your business phones systems to improve productivity and reduce costs. If you need help installing phone systems or adding some of these services, contact a business phone system service to get the help you need. To learn more, contact a company like Tele-Plus with any questions you have.


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No One Should Go Without a Landline Phone

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